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PROJECT main aims 

Measure potentially traumatic events with help of comprehensive and modern screening instruments for posttraumatic stress symptoms in children and adolescents.

Teach Ukrainian children and adolescents how to develop stunning video games using a powerful game engine. 

Promote positive activities (e.g. drawing, coding, storytelling, inviting interesting game mechanics) to increase meaningful and positive activities in their schedule, with the goal of building resilience and bringing more fulfillment and enjoyment into their life.

Bring back to young survivors the confidence that they still have complete control of their life by developing game worlds and characters, and letting children feel themself responsible creators.

Conduct research to discover how game development (please, do not confuse this with videogame playing) may help people to decrease the effects of stressful or scary events (e.g. war, natural disaster, serious accident, etc).

Teach children teamwork in order to increase their social skills and self-confidence, and help them to develop into happier adults. 


Children and adolescents are the most vulnerable groups among those who face war in Ukraine. More than 4.3 million children have already left the country, which will rise until the end of the war (UNICEF, 2022). Despite a lot of supportive programs for Ukrainian kids, there is a strong need to develop new ways and approaches to mental recovery. 

All members of VitaGames are firm believers that Game development nowadays is one of the most modern kinds of art therapy and stress relief. Our program is about helping all Ukrainian children (whether war survivors, witnesses, or responders) recover from their trauma by assisting them to get in touch with and overcome their fears through the objective language of art, storytelling, and programming. 



Our game development course is totally free for all participants of the VitaGames project. If you are a parent or caregiver (person or as an organization), all you have to do to enroll is contact us. We believe that the VitaGames is not only a therapeutic program but also a project that can help children gain their skills to new levels. 

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